headerAll proceeds from the Learn to Run with Less Effort and Impact clinics are donated to local charities, predominately the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Join the RunEffortlessly.com E-MAIL LIST to be automatically notified of upcoming clinics or check the EVENTS page.

The Runeffortlessly technique is based on the primary objective of reducing running effort throughout the whole body with an emphasis on minimizing the use of muscles in the legs and feet to the greatest extent possible. Energy saved through a reduction in effort allows the body to run faster and longer. An equally important benefit is a proportional reduction in running impact and strain, the principle causes for running injuries.

The basis for achieving its objective and benefits is the ability to run while consciously relaxing the muscles in the legs and feet throughout every phase of the stride while harnessing the body’s capacity to store and release energy in its Achilles tendons to move forward. The Achilles tendons function as springs and speed is controlled by changes in upper body positioning used to place more or less weight over the springs of the Achilles tendons.

The style is not only designed to make it easier and less injurious to run, but is also designed in a way that makes it easy to understand and learn. There is no requirement for additional drills, exercise or workouts on top of your regular running program. The individual components of the technique are practiced and implemented during your regular runs of your training program.

The Learn to Run with Less Effort and Impact clinics include 10 to 20 runners. You are taught how to eliminate unnecessary muscle use in your legs and feet throughout their stride. Specific movement patterns are not taught instead, you are taught how to consciously relax the muscles in your legs and feet throughout your stride to achieve a perfect natural gait. At this point you are able to efficiently run over the ground rather than into the ground. Then you are taught how to control your speed through upper body positioning designed to move more or less weight over the springs of your Achilles tendons to create more or less forward propulsion.

The clinics involve short distance running drills at relaxed paces. The total running distance of all drills combined over the clinic is between 1 to 2km. These clinics are suitable to anyone, regardless of running ability, even beginner runners. If you want to make your running easier, increase performance and decrease the occurrence of discomfort and injury, you will benefit from these clinics!

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