If you have never been introduced to efficient and low impact technique, chances are your running is much harder than it needs to be and causes harmful impact that may lead to unnecessary pain or injuries. You are most likely activating muscles that aren’t required or actually work against you.

Runeffortlessly.com teaches techniques designed to reduce running effort by using the body in a way that minimizes the work performed by the muscles in the legs and feet to the greatest extent possible. These techniques are also designed to reduce harmful impact by using the body in a way to run over the ground, rather than into the ground.

The techniques are easy to understand and to learn and are implemented during the normal runs of any training program without the need for additional workouts that focus on drills or exercises. These techniques have been successfully adopted by a wide range of athletes from beginner runners through to Marathoners, Ironman Triathletes and Ultra Marathoners.

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RunEffortlessly.com is founded by Michael (Mike) Stashin, a running instructor based in Ottawa Canada who has a passion for introducing runners to simple changes they can make in their technique to reduce the amount of effort as well as the potential for injury due to impact.

Mike has used the techniques he teaches to successfully complete endurance events such as Running 14 Marathons in 14 Consecutive Days, the 250km Marathons Des Sables, the 273km Grand to Grand Ultra, the 100 Mile Yukon Arctic Ultra and the 254km Jungle Marathon. He has also used his running as a gateway for adventures which have included adventure Marathons at the North Pole and along the Great Wall of China.

RunEffortlessly.com operates under Give Effortlessly Inc., a Canadian Non-Profit Corporation driven by a passion to give back to the local and global community. Give Effortlessly Inc. is actively involved in supporting the philanthropist efforts of Impossible2Possible and regards the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) as its favorite beneficiary for its charitable contributions.

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